GSXR600 K6 Motorbike

Hello Fellow Adrenaline Junkies, Petrol Heads and all the rest of you looking for a little adventure.
I just pick up my new baby (GSXR600 K6) and I am so proud I just had to share it with all you guys and girls. Now it’s not like I’ve had the opportunity to ride a large array of motorcycles in the past but I would recommend this bike to anyone. The GSXR600 K6 is very easy motorbike to ride as long as you don’t abuse it and when you do abuse it, it’s so much fun! I have to admit I’m quite short but I find the riding position very comfortable, I put it to the test by putting about 1000 miles on the clock the moment I picked her up, Whoops!, by her I mean Black Betty (in case you didn’t get it Black Betty is what I have called my Bike).  She’s very responsive on the throttle and when it comes to braking also with the right set of tyres the cornering on the GSXR K6 is phenomenal. If you get the opportunity to test drive one of these bikes Take it.

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